He loved her so much he was willing to die every night for her

Have you ever had a chance to sit and watch and see,

the sun slide down beneath the surface out of sight from you and me.

The sun he slips beneath the water out of our sight pleasurably,

giving his power up to his love ever so generously.

So he can gaze at his love as she rises high into the night,

showing her true form and beauty as she shines with all her might.

But before the sun sets and settles into his resting place,

he dips just into the water so colors, they begin to spread and space.

Like an artists pallet the colors run and drip as they begin to stretch and seep,

across the gently rolling waters as he moves flawlessly into his sleep.

They colors are so beautiful as they spread across the liquid abyss,

likes it’s reaching inside of each of us and placing it’s goodnight kiss.

The moon she rises with her crown upon her head and smile on her face.

knowing the sun is where he goes every night – waiting for her, in his place.

The love between the two is nothing more than a love of magic

that ideally should just end up being something but nothing more than tragic.

But it goes to show between the two opposites the world coincides,

it’s the equality of them both that takes our hearts and then begins to guides.

A quiet place where pastels from the setting sun begin to run,

and the darkness of the sky begins to covers us from everyone.

The moon shines bright against us to make our silhouettes,

soaking up our thoughts and stealing all of our regrets.

The two they work as opposites while working side by side,

even though it’s only one that you still see while the other it must just hide.

Without the two our world would be something other than what we know,

one above the surface and the other hiding down below.

She uses her force to move the waters as she begins to push and pull the tides,

she uses them to put aside everything that causes our great divides.

But at the end of her time and at the end of her day she must begin to go down,

it is with great sadness but her love he knows it’s time to give him back his crown.

As she slips away below us making smalls ripples with her return,

the mighty sun he rises and with it comes the soulful burn.

As she lowers herself for the day and he rises back to the top,

their lips they gently touch for a moment and it seems like the whole world stops.

A vast difference between the two lovers that is nothing more than plain to see,

but it is both that we should watch and learn how love is supposed to be.

Even though they can never be together ever at the same time,

they love and yearn for each other and think that they will win this battle overtime.

As long as they hold on to their dream of what they wish to come true,

their love shall conquer all and in the end it will all be perfect and prove that love will pull through.


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