I love animals so much. I’m a dog person, but this cat found me.

So this cat showed up on my back deck a little bit ago.  First I thought it was our smallest dog because she was just looking through the upstairs window. I was changing a diaper and looked over.. there she was.

I open the door and went out. She is so sweet.. but covered in so many scabs and had a cough. I was worried to touch her too much or let her around our other animals.

She stayed all night. I had to let my dogs out on a leash.. then at times she would leave so I let my dogs out and she came back! Knowing I was out.

So.. I posted on a pet finding site. Maybe someone lost her. She is so sweet.

Nobody claimed her. Went to get her checked for a chip. First I had to get her in the crate.. That was a challenge. Lol

When we got to our vet she jumped out and literally was jumping to the ceiling! Nurse told us to get out of the room (my kids and I) Apparently when we walked out she pooped everywhere!

No chip. Okay.. next step the vet walked out and asked me what I wanted to do. It was take her and let her be like that outside. All sick and what not. Or pay to help.. she said she would give us a discount for trying to help her. She was convinced she was a stray. Still 100 bucks was a lot. It pulled on my animal loving heart strings though.. So I said help her. They kept her all night.
My daughter begging to keep her. So far we still have her. She stays in the garage mostly.. working on her coming in. Sometimes she wants in.
She was apparently not box trained.. now is.
Was infested in fleas and ticks. Now she isn’t. 🙂
They gave her a shot for infection and a rabies shot. She is all up to date on everything.
I love her… Obviously I can’t give her up. That’s more on my plate though.

My heart may be so broken in many ways. Either sick or sad. Either way.. I still love so much.

She found me.. maybe to help her. What’s funny is she is my favorite breed of cat! lynx Siamese! Weird!

Well.. there’s that. lol

8 thoughts on “I love animals so much. I’m a dog person, but this cat found me.”

  1. Oooooh 🙂 I loved this! I am both a cat and dog lover (love them both equally the same). I am so happy you helped her. Awe your good deed was done for the entire year 🙂 Would you mind keeping us posted on her? Have you named her yet?

  2. I hope this good deed helps. Honestly helping people and animals is one what I feel I am here for. It truly makes me happy.
    I try to keep my life private on her so I haven’t posted names of anyone, but we named her Thea. It’s means sun goddess. Our other cat’s name is Luna.. means moon. 🙂

  3. I am a big believer that animals can choose you! I had a story very similar to yours. She found me in just the right time in my life! So glad you and your kids are enjoying her!

  4. Thank you! 🙂 we are working on moving her to our other cat’s room and it’s not going well. lol She doesn’t like our other animals except our small dog. She really hates my husky. haha

  5. So we have to get her a forever home. Our other cat isn’t doing well because they don’t get along and she takes all the food even though she has her own food. 🙁 I don’t want to, but for our other cats sake we need to.

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