I suck

Hey future me Your still high wrtiting this but. . . god you are such a fuck up you are a good for nothing big ball of worthless garabage you ruin everything you fucking touch and you should be ashamed You ruined your family you fuck that up because you didn’t understand the NO meant NO at the age that you were and i just i fucked up and i continue to fuck up just being alive no matter what i do. . .you are a fucking failure you are amounting to nothing and honestly not okay with that Brianna hates you and can you blamer her friends ships never last they never will and never have you should Kill yourself you are so fucking worthless hahaha you spent the past hour on the floor crying 
Its your fault you got raped you fucking bitch and its still your fault our family wouldn’t be so fucked up right now if you were never fucking born you make mom want to cry half the time so good job you fucking asshole but she gives me panis attacks so whoes the really asshole but whatever
I’m growing up i need to die to many things are fucked i’ve been writing paragraphs of tea and like my whole life in a binder and wow i need to kms now i’m miserable even being acknowledged by people who are wasting their time on me

We all got high and we were all so loud and my friend is so pissed becayse we were too loud but she was loud asf anywho but still I feel like. . .Not good . . .i ruined the party of my bestfriend because we were all high there i’m such a great person i like am fucking awful no one could ever love you i am fucking trash i will never be happy
So why not end it now, at a sleepover, surrounding by candy, and sleeping girls and morphine

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