It’s Been A Minute!

Wow, looking back to the post I made a year ago…I definitely felt some sort of way about returning back home. I was angry more so than sad. And sometimes, I still feel these emotions creep up.  Instead of focusing on those emotions, I allow myself time to let it all out and then move forward.  I dislike staying in such a negative emotional space.  I like to smile, be happy and feel peace.  And for the most part, I think I am doing fairly well with the cards I have been dealt at the moment. 

Also, what helps me move to a better emotional state, is knowing that in eight months, I will be visiting his family (he’s visited mine like 3 times already lol), and moving with him to the new duty station.  This move will be a learning process and experience for us both.  I am excited about this new chapter and can not wait to see what life has in store for us in eight months!

If there are any military girlfriends, wives or anyone dealing with a long distance relationship: what are some of the ways in which you cope or keep a positive spirit about the distance?


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