Rainy Day

I woke up feeling pretty out of it this morning. A lot happened within the hour I woke up. I actually ended up sleeping in since the night before I couldn’t sleep one bit since it was both windy and I just wasn’t able to relax enough to reach that stage.

I got up sometime around 7am and had went to wash my face and get dressed immediately. I had placed my phone on the counter and opened the jar to my face wash(which I assumed was frozen since one of my parents noticed it had become watery overnight and had placed it in the freezer). Turns out it was watery again this morning and it splashed and landed on the upper half of my phone and made it’s way into the hole where the earphones are supposed to be placed. No one was happy with me today, at least not in the morning.

My phone works alright and so does the sound at least. The worse part was today it also started raining and high winds, so my exercising schedule is partially interrupted.And then the shower floor had to be removed and repaired again by my father, so sponge baths it is for the rest of the day.

I feel incredibly depressed and bored today over this morning’s incident where I had really pissed off my mother. I can’t say I blame her since she payed for the phone, but it wasn’t like It couldn’t be fixed. I really need to invest in some phone dust plugs which I didn’t know existed until last week.


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