57. Coffee.Blunt.Breeze

Everything in the past three days has been moving so fast, I’m not even sure I could say accurately what happened on what day, except yesterday. It was her birthday. I tried to message her to Tell her happy birthday, but she has apparently blocked me. Ouch. How could this really be the end…



Finally all the big things are moved. The house s empty. There’s a few small things still remaining, I’ll remove by the end of the week. Thursday I’ll return the key’s, and that chapter of my life will not only be closed, but locked. It really is a bitter sweet feeling. So much happened there, amazing this, and soul shattering things. None the less, I have become someone I never thought I would be. In the almost three years I spent within those walls, so much has changed within me. That home was suppose to be the home Antoinette and I moved into got married in, have our first child in. It become nothing but a home falling apart because, she stopped loving me long before we moved there. I tore rose apart in the house because I was a complete asshole to her. Then, I fell in love, in true love in that house, I began to build forever, and finally, before anyone else could take my dreams from me, I tore the house down. I covered the ruble with my insecurities, I lit it on fire, then walked away. I never want to look back. Last night was the first night away from there. This morning, I woke up, made coffee, rolled a blunt, put Dakota on the runner, and just sat in the morning breeze. Watching her run through the yard was great. It was exactly what I needed, a breath of fresh air…..



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