Day 11

Today evening I suddenly understood that I purely like that Asian guyes. Suzuki (as everyone call Tishu) is extremely shy, but sincere and nice. While all the Indians are the opposite. The Chinese are funny and inconfident. And Lee is extremely interesting. Everyone likes him. As well as that popular Swedish guy, who’s name I even can’t remember. 

I stroke with the thought when I’ve decided to go to sleep and stopped on my way, thinking of sitting by others and writhing the diary there. 

Incite: I’ve been to IH. So funny when u get to know that what you’ve wanted is not in reality what you’ve needed. Pity for the Philip. I’ve thought he is nice. 

Started working on my thesis. Wrote a letter to the teacher. Happy. Wanna start the work! The sooner the better. 

Finally bought the half marathon ticket! And started the preparations “officially” with my 1st Canadian 10Km. 

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