Day 555 & 556 – Spooky moment & trying to stay productive

Sunday, September 3rd 2017

That day I went to church, wearing my “God created and I believe” hoodie. I know you’re supposed to dress up a bit more when you go to church, but it was fitting and it was so comfy. I’ll admit though a few times I felt a little embarrassed for wearing the oversized hoodie (it’s huge, seriously, but the collar is so tight as well, so even if I wanted to shrink it, I’d get strangled) and not something more proper, but the words on it made me feel more comfortable, other than the material itself. Someone behind me even mentioned the church was a bit chilly that day and that it looked extremely comfortable, which was nice. Someone else also read out the words and agreed with them, which was also nice and what I was looking for (good conversation starter for that environment). 

At home I’ll admit, I was not productive at all. I just relaxed all day and played Sims 4. I was bored at some point and didn’t want to do anything at all. It’s irritating when I feel like that, since you know you wouldn’t be bored if you did something and that it’s a good time to work, but then again, you don’t feel motivated to do anything at all and feel like you should just sink into the ground to not feel that way. That’s why being bored is my most despised emotion, and that I try and avoid it if I notice it early enough. 

I ALMOST forgot; I had an extremely spooky moment when I was in bed. Since it was later in the night, around 11:30, I was in bed, alone, in the dark, in silence. I wanted to go check if I turned the tap water off (and yes, I still do that, and no, I did not check if I had OCD, I don’t think I have it, and instead it’s probably just a habit that developed after I left the water on a few times and my mom called me out on it. By the way, if someone new ever for some reason stumbles across this entry, I check the water tap up to 6 or so times to check the water is off before finally letting it go, and even then, I might go back to it a few minutes later). So, I go to turn on my flashlight on my phone, but I have the habit to just lock it when I’m done with something and getting up, and so I turn it back on. But instead of being greeted with a cute kitty lock screen, I get static. And it wasn’t the stereotypical grey and white static, but this ominous, barely noticeable black static, that made it way creepier. I quickly spammed my lock button so it would go away, but I still felt too scared to get up after that. When I finally got the courage, I even expected a jumpscare when my flashlight turned on. But when I went to check the water tap, something in the trash bin decided to fall over in it and make a small rustling noise. For a brief second I thought something was out to kill me, until I quickly laughed at myself for that since it was just the bin. But at the back of my mind, I thought “what if I’m being that stupid character in horror movies who thinks every little thing is nothing, but it’s not, and that I said I would never be like them, but that’s what I’m doing now?”. Minds at night sometimes, eh? Haha.

Monday, September 4th 2017

No school today!

Whenever I have a day off of school, I usually take that time to do homework and to be productive. I’ll admit I wasn’t as productive as I could have been, but I did my best.

I woke up a bit later than usual, which is a bit later than 9am. I remember when 10-11am is when I used to wake up and 10:30 for me was late. That was almost a year ago now, haha. But after just lounging around and I discovered I accidentally skipped an episode of Boku No Hero Academia, which is about the one with a character everyone is pairing up with Aizawa Shota as a father and son like relationship, called Shinso Hitoshi. I heard from the fandom a lot of things about him, but I assumed it was information taken out of the manga, and that he wasn’t really shown in the anime, but nope! Turns out I just accidentally skipped his episode! I watched the episode or mostly just the part he was in, and I totally get why fans pair them together. They’re so much alike, from their quirks to the bags under their eyes.

But after that and playing some Sims 4 (got my two sims married and pregnant after making sure I had a stable income; “so responsible of me”, I said about fictional game characters instead of working), I worked on my portfolio, but a more fun part of it. I have to do two perspectives of a character in their workplace, and I can settle more of the style that I want, instead of trying to copy an already made character in the desired college’s style for that particular aptitude test. Since they wanted imaginative, I wanted a character sitting on a cloud, making a tiny cloud in his hands from a straight on point of view, then further away showing a bunch of clouds. But then I realised I would have the lack of a room, which is a part of what they’re looking for, so I settled for a teenager boy on the floor in his room, playing video games while struggling to take a sip from his soda. His room is gonna be sorta messy and since they want the workplace feel, I’m gonna add gaming trophies and such, to make it seem like he’s actually practicing and not just a kid in his room messing around instead of working.

After that I ate Burger King (I’m trying to avoid fast foods like that and McDonalds, for both health and not liking them anyway, but we really didn’t have a choice), finished the Boku No Hero Academia episode and watched some YouTube before eating chocolate cake my mom made. Afterwards I read a little of Life of Pi, since that’s what we’re reading in our French class, and as I was trying to find some more school work to be doing (although I don’t really have any), I decided to write my entry. I’m actually taking proper time to write my entry cause of the thirst of productivity, which is why it’s longer than usual. I feel like it’s a chore lately. I know I had a month or so like that in the past where writing entries felt like a chore, but I’m sure I’ll pass like it did before.

I’m gonna go watch Supernatural then go to bed.

That’s all for today.

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