So.. I have had fibro for years now.
Lately my chiropractor had me believing that it could very well just be my misaligned spine. I really truly wanted to believe that. I believed it so much I threw it all on my heart condition.


I woke this morning in so much pain. My whole body stiff and sore as if I ran a marathon and then went to the gym to work out hard core.
This isn’t fair. I wanted to believe it so much. SOOOOO MUCH!!!

I don’t want to need medication for the winter when it hurts the most. I wish I had some now.

She said I wouldn’t need it. That I would be fine, but I have been fine.. I wanted to believe it so much. Here I am though.. in a flair.

I had high hopes for this winter and being able to play in the snow without the cold hurting so much.

Fibro sucks!!!

One thought on “FIBROMYALGIA IS REAL!”

  1. I feel you and thank you! My daughter has ODD and ADHD and she’s become so difficult it’s hard to even mourn. She had to go to a psych ward in July and she actually liked it. I don’t think it helped. I’m just having a mental break down.

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