Mesmerized by a Goddess – Chapter 2 :



So it begins , how it began , from the beginning . I shall call her “C” .

— So i kind of knew about “C” through a very close buddy , “I”, a brother from another mother i would say . They sort of had a relationship at some time , things never moved forward for them i suppose . 

— So Me and “I” tend to hang out a lot to de-stress or just get ourselves wasted into the nights and then go on an all out mass brawl ,coupled with a few other of my best friends. Haha ,thats what we would always do i guess .

— Casually along some time ,  “I” mentioned about a girl joining us for this time , his ex-girlfriend as he called it . Why were we not surprised . He said it’s just normal , no more feelings etc etc (We left it at that of course) . When she arrived , i swear to whatever god that exists (If there is) or the HOLY BUDDHA , SHE BLEW ME AWAY . Like i never had many girls do that to me without even uttering a single word , ‘cept for those whom i loved so wholeheartedly but cheated on me . (Oh well Life sucks one way or the other isn’t it ?) 

— After a series of girls cheating on me , i never really picked up that casanova attitude anymore , i kind of just sank to the bottom of Nerd High School ,just working and gaming my life away . I never really picked up from there and started to try to talk to girls or even ask them for anything . I never really grew a pair of balls you could say .

–I Decided to grow a small pair of nuts here and there , and gradually got her number and we started talking casually (I didn’t feel that engulfed at the point of time,where i just kept everything at “friendzone level” ) . Then came that buddha-forsaken day , when the gang was heading out to drink , she popped ” Nope i have no plans for tonight 🙁 ”  I FUCKING GOT CAUGHT IN BETWEEN A STATE OF ELATION AND CONFUSION . “Should i ask her to join us ? Or should i just casually say some other things ?” “What if she rejects?” “What if she thinks i’m desperate ?” All thoughts and ponders . 5 glasses of “Pre-Party Appetizers ” made me do the unthinkable . “So…you wanna join us ? We are heading to *** after this ..” …. “Sure ! See you in abit !” 

— Well ,that certainly went better than expected . Well, the night went on as usual ,but with more excitement this time . But then again towards the end ,we all know what was coming …mass brawl . Yea yea i shouldn’t since she is here and it wouldn’t look nice . But fuck me it happened . Bad impression but she knew what kind of a demon i was when i drank excessively . This was the beginning of my demon getting tamed .

— Subsequently , we started talking more , but she would sometimes take hours to reply , and kind of leave me looking like a retarded seal going “OOM OOMPF” at the bloody phone in hope of a reply soon …but good feelings somehow end isn’t it ?

Continuation in Chapter 3 . 


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