Mesmerized by a Goddess – Chapter 3 :

“Sticks and Stones may break my bones , but a girl broke me whole “


— Soon it was what i had never expected .. She had a boyfriend . She had gotten together with someone , who stank ,who sucked, fucking loser …At Least that’s what i thought ,emotions engulfed me whole . Everything just fell apart . It took me some time to digest .

— Whatever had pass , had passed , was past .  I just hoped she would be in a blessed and happy relationship . Well it seemed that way . Snapchats , instagram stories , twitter , everywhere was filled with posts of them travelling out , going on dinner dates , drinking sessions … Here i was , back to square one ,which time gradually healed my ache .

— A year had passed without talking to her , because yea you know ,she’s in a FUCKING relationship . *Sighs* Feelings gradually simmered down and i was back to normal during the one year that passed . Wasn’t huge to begin with i guess . 

Soon i was witnessing distinctive posts , depressing thoughts , angry words , disappointed feelings , splattering all over her social media . “Must be the usual tiff couples tend to have every now and then …just on a larger scale than usual ” … at least that was what i assumed ~~~

–But wait , something seemed amiss somewhere . She wasn’t even talking about him in a “how couples tend to act during a fight” kind of tone . It was filled with cheating , misleading ,heartaches ,and teary eyes . It tore me a little on the inside when i started to realize she had been cheated on . Not once, not twice …thrice. “This dude must be amazing , i couldn’t even get myself to like ME ” 

— They gradually parted ways … both seemingly broken somehow lest i could have supposed. “Should i console her ? Should i even talk to her? Should i etc etc..” I didn’t wanna make myself out to be “Sliding In” on any scale ,that was never my intention. And again , i couldn’t get myself to grow a pair of nuts to talk to her . I quietly watched in silence for days ,seeing her drown in endless thoughts about her experience and rantings on social media. It somehow bothered me that she was so…helpless , so alone , so ragged and torn … i needed to do something … –

Continuation in Chapter 4 .


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  1. How much of this is accurate? Do you see her as she is or have you fallen in love with an image, a narrative you’ve created in your own head?

    If the latter, try to free yourself from it, so as to move on to someone who will reciprocate.


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