It was weird yesterday as I decided to tackle all these photos I had from the parents house.Now we are talking about 20 albums and various boxes ,suitcases and units full.
I had spoke to one of the aunties a few weeks ago and she had said she would take anything I don’t want including Mothers jewellery.
Sure I said thinking how helpful is she but of course there must be a reason she wants the valuables.So now I am not going to give them to her ,I’d rather take them to cash for gold and trade them in myself ! .
Back to the photos …it was quite sad looking through them all and seeing people and times in my lifetime but also family members that I have no idea who they are.They meant something to Mum and Dad but nothing to me.
I have sorted out Dads photos and will text my cousin from his side to let her come up and take what she wants.She is doing that sides family tree which will be interesting to look at .
Mums photos I have saved family I don’t know and will send to auntie.Bet she quickly contacts me to ask where the Jewellery and medals and silver boxes are .
Mum was one of four girls and this one auntie I have been close to all my life.I wished she was my Mum but not now.She has shown her true colours and has broke my heart.
It started the other week when my cousin was found unconscious in her flat and although she was rushed to hospital she never survived.This was two days after Dad died.Even in my own grief I told auntie I would help ,whatever she needed I would do .But she locked me out of helping and said she was letting the state deal with cousins affairs and arranging her funeral.
I think that’s strange as why wouldn’t you deal with your own child’s affairs and want to arrange her funeral ?
I know with Dads I was involved with every step and I know if it was my own child I would also be involved every step.
So why has auntie just dismissed her grown up child as if she was nothing and why can’t we know when her funeral is so we can attend ?
I did ask auntie but just got ‘ oh you know she didn’t like fuss and wouldn’t want to put people out ‘ …. well sorry that’s bull crap ! No one likes funerals but it’s a part of life and respect for the loved one.So I am left confused and hurt by the one person that I thought for all these years was amongst things ,honest with me but she is lying to me now just like the others.
As far as I know cousin has been cremated and the wake has gone … auntie slipped up and mentioned a snipppet before correcting herself .. and I am none the wiser of where and when.
I can’t play these games ,I don’t know the rules and the moves.I just know that if you love someone you don’t lie to them.

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