118, sigh….

Returning to work after vacation – especially a job you don’t particularly care for – is tough. I try to make the best of it – but I get in my own way. Now that I am aware that I have classic ADHD symptoms I find that I use that as a crutch rather than as a motivator.  How can I make what I have in my toolbox work for me and not against me?  I should somehow be able to do that right? Turn a negative into a positive right?

Kids started 6th and 8th grade today. I’ll say the same thing I say every year – how did we get here so fast? They were adorable this morning. So ready to take on a new year.  I said to H that I wish there were little body cameras on them so I could see what they are doing.  Love them so…..

Vacation was good. Really great to see our friends. They are wonderful people.  There were a lot of kids to wrangle, so it was a bit of a “working vacation”.  But they were all good.  And got along well, for the most part.

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