Day 1

I learn so much about people after they leave my life. I put my trust in people and all they do is let me down. This is to a guy that has done me wrong again and again and my dumb ass keeps going back to his lying ass. ¨Talking¨ means that y’all are trying to get to know each other y’all are trying to see that person out and see what there intentions are. So that doesn’t mean go out and sleep with girls and dance all over them and blame the drinks or drugs. If i let you in my life and you just hurt me over and over again ill just end up shutting you out of my life. Bc i´m not here to play games. If i like you and i see something with you and you tell me you feel the same that means i want to date i want to say that you are mine and i want to have your back always no matter what and i would hope you felt the same but if you don´t that means tell you don´t feel the same. Don´t lie and say you want me and you see something with me bc at the end of the day you are just saying a bunch of bullshit. Sorry i just had to get that off my chest… If you think different let me know i just want to know if i´m the only one that feels this way. 

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  1. Happen to see your bio ,damn we share the same thoughts . -Cino

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