Day 12

Keep on in purposely fighting for the single room, meditating and running. Today jog was challenging. It’s the third day I’m running here – without a break and with the goal. 

I realized out of nowhere that I indeed have a dreams about Vlad every day. Sistematically. And came to the conclusion – I have to stop with him. I broke our dialogue (about my dreams by the way) suddenly and hysterically. And then continued it. And broke again, realizing, that I miss him more, that I ought to. And then talked to him before meeting with the peer. And then he went to sleep. And I broke the dialogue again, understanding, that I have to keep on working. And I did. 

Tanya was a lot of help during the day, bringing out my inside sunshine in the cold. And I’m trying by best to be the person I want to be. 

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