Day 5 – 30 Days of Motivation

Oh I wanted chocolate or ice cream today. My brain and my stomach were at war all night; fighting to see who would win the battle.

I refused to give in. I ate a lot of rice crackers and an apple and a lot of water….but no chocolate or ice cream.

Memories of food withdrawals came back to me. I remember one particular time a while back when I was very crabby and miserable. Jade asked me a question and I guess I barked at her. She said to Jim – what’s wrong with her. He replied – she’s going through food withdrawals; just stay away from her.

At the time it was not funny, but looking back it makes me smile to remember the hard work I’ve put in to get where I am.

Every day is a conscious effort right now and I feel strong and centered. Let’s see what tomorrow brings….I’ve got this!! 💪🏼

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