A time that made me overwhelmed with emotion was when my sister graduated and became a PA. We drove down to Fort Wayne, and met with her. She looked very nervous, but excited; I couldn’t help but feel the same. After 6 and a half years, she would finally graduate from being stressed about homework, studying, and passing her exams. When the time came her preceptor stepped on the stage and gave a personal thanks and congratulations to each individual PA. When it came to her, he spoke of how she was already a PA when she walked into the school. She was smart, and wanted to become even smarter. He told her that he always imagined her as his niece, who’s name was Paige, just like her. It took a lot for our family to hold back the tears, and Paige’s face was beaming with joy. After each heart warming congratulations, it came time to hand out the White Coats. When her name was called she walked on the stage and took the coat, and her degree, and gave all her teachers and preceptors a hug. All of us became overwhelmed with happiness, and inspiration. She came down and took her seat next to us and we all watched the others get their own white coat. It took all my mothers power not to cry out and hug my sister. Afterwards they gave the vow that’s customary, and we all finally got to hug her, and show her how proud we were. 

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