Mesmerized by a Goddess – Chapter 4 :

“Here comes the start of every sleepless night .Here comes the pain , here comes wishing that things had never change”

Chapter 4 will be lengthy because i wanna pour everything out in a single shot –

— So “C” got cheated on , she must have felt helpless at that point of time . What a fucking douche . Salty egg brat he was , to have done that to her . If i ever had someone , what are the damn chances of me cheating ? I can’t even get myself to like me sometimes . LOL .

–Gradually after a couple of weeks , i decided to take the big step . I decided to ask her about stuff …”You doing alright ?” “You need anything ?” .. I wasn’t really the sort of sweet talker or pacifier because i grew up rugged and only confided in my best buds through life and death .

–“C” didn’t seem to want to talk much about it at the time , so i left it at that . I am not a funny guy ,i didn’t know how i could cheer her up much but i gave it a lot of effort , i tried picking my old self up and trying to work it out ….Things got off to a great restart i would say . She was starting to talk more , but yep , like old times she would take eternity to reply me ,while i stared worried at my phone hoping she isn’t out drinking or doing something stupid . I don’t how much did it affect her ,you know ? I didn’t have the guts to ask her out for a spin or drinks (well sometimes a beer or two helps you know) . 

–I kept it at mutual talking . Soon there was a large event upcoming ..yep . Flop Juneweather was taking on Conrad McIgor in the largest boxing event in history . The boys decided that my place would be the perfect fit for a stayover and  steamboat/hotpot dinner (steamboat is basically dumping ingredients into a huge pot of soup while it is constantly boiling and cooking) and drinks . So we were still talking right through the day , when she asked what i was up to ,i just said casually “Oh the guys are heading to my place for late night dinner/supper steamboat and drinks ..maybe we might head out again before sleeping idk” . “I” works in a bar so he would join after he ended work . “C” was somehow different from before … “You wanna head to “I’s” bar for a drink before going to your place ?” She asked . 

–WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON ? Was this a ? or was this an invitation to something bigger ? But i couldn’t …”Nah i am not going there ,gotta buy the food and drinks and prepare . Gotta clean up the house before they start banging shit all over” I said . How stupid was that?! I COULD HAVE JUST DONE EVERYTHING A LITTLE EARLIER AND I WOULD HAVE SPARE TIME . But no ,nope . I didn’t . The big event day came and i was cleaning up my house when she texted me “So today they are going over ?” “yep…im cleaning my house blabla” “Why would you do that?! It will still be dirty after!” …Well technically no one likes entering a dirty hotel room right ? “Yeah but im the host so i gotta do it neat ,and then expect the shit to get messed up again as usual :P” The conversation was … at it’s peak for me . It came . “Good for you , you are making me hungry and this is tempting ..” “You wanna come ? I would love for you to come though” … “I’m not sure, i’m going out for drinks with my colleagues first ” Well i left it at that and got going to cleaning the house . 


–It was around 10pm and the boys were making their way over .. “Hey Cino ! Should i come ??” Well WHAT THE FUCK ? YES OF COURSE MILADY . But i gotta think on both sides, she has spent half a day working her ass off , went for drinks and wanting her to come over ? I wouldn’t want her to fall asleep halfway through dinner/supper . “Well , in all honesty i would love for you to come ! Of course ! But you have had a long day , so you see what suits you :)” ……How fucken stupid was that ,that just came out of me . I couldn’t facepalm myself so hard i decided to bang my head on the toilet door .She called, “You know , See you later ! Send me the address , pick me up downstairs !” I was fucking shouting to the gang like i was invited to the Grammy’s ….ehhh..nope this feeling was better than that .

–It was a nice night but i was too afraid to talk so much to her , i talked to my guys more than her …it must have felt awkward for her though … We went for a karaoke session after dinner , and still i didn’t talk much to her .. Something inside me was afraid talk to her . After all i didn’t know if the approach was right in the first place . “FUCK ME I AM GUTLESS I HAVE NO BALLS ” i kept telling myself that . The night ended after karaoke and she went home … 

— Our group had 4 guys and a girl (well she isn’t a girl to us at all LOL) . Along the way of the years spent together , we decided to have a monthly dinner treat affair . So the trick is everyone has a rotary cycle of who is gonna treat the group to dinner every month . E.g My treat is January , “I” in february and it continues this way til the end of the year . Then we rotate again . September came and it was someone else’s turn to give a treat this night and i casually asked “C” if she had any plans ,since it was the weekends ,not that i was planning on inviting her because this was supposed to be solemn . “Nope , i guess i am just gonna rot at home ..i am bored ,What about you ?” “Oh the time has come to the monthly dinner day again ,we are heading out in a bit .” She was seemingly hinting a lot of stuff along the conversation .. “HELP ME” “I AM BORED” “WHAT SHOULD I DO ? Sorry for the sudden outburst” …Jesus christ this lady needs help HAHAHA . Somehow this solemn dinner was not solemn this month ,everyone was bringing somebody and i was like What the fuck isn’t this supposed to be our own group thing ? ….People get partners at some point of time isn’t it ? That was the sad reality i guess . But there were casual friends as well who joined ,there were 7 of us . Since it was that way i decided to grow a pair of coconuts and pop the question . “Have you had dinner yet ? ” “..Nope mom is out with her friends ” …”Would you like to join us for dinner then ? We are heading to ***” “Should i ? I thought it was for your group ?” “Nah they all brought a friend today so its a normal dinner i guess ” “Okay do you want me to go ?” WHY FUCK YES OF COURSE YOU DONT HAVE TO ASK THAT TWICE ,ANY TIME OF THE DAY I WOULD WANT TO SEE YOU . “Well i would love to ! ” ..I composed myself . 

–Everyone had arrived to the restaurant except her ,because it was a little last minute right . So the gang went on to place their orders first ,it would take some time for a restaurant of this caliber to prepare the food . I waited for her . When she arrived , i swear to whatever god that existed … I melted on the insides….maybe about a hundred times before composing myself . Clad in a red velvet jumpsuit , make-up on point and her bareback flaunting her full-back tattoo .. I was at a lost for words . DINNER WAS AWESOME . But what came after …was slightly disappointing to her i guess ..


–Gonna continue in Chapter 5: Final Chapter because that’s where it is at currently …at a stalemate . *heaves a huge sigh of despair*


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