Day 13

And finally I’ve moved in. It’s not that cosy or comfortable in my new home, but it is home and still I like it. But I did not need it. And that is the thing. I did not take an advantage of the situation to develop my heart towards more compassion, power and love. And I was ought to. 

The day has passed since I lost the contact with Vlad. I’m neither good, nor bad. But what can our evenings talks bring for both of us since I did not work the problem our? The tickets to Iceland are bought, the time my life is running, I need to grow. 

My pictures, which I brought to Canada with me with such an attachement are no more mine. They’ve lost their power. They do not comfort me. Oppositely, they scary me to death, like the pics of the dead, hanging over my bed. 

Thanks Tanvie for sharing her world with me. 

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