Dear dad (day 2)

Dear Dad, you fucked me up. You were supposed to be the one i go to when i have guy problems or when me and mom are fighting or if i´m having trouble in school. You were supposed to stay and not up and leave. You left me and didn´t even say goodbye. You picked drugs and a shitty girl over and me and your other two kids… Did you forget about me bc i haven’t heard from you in eight years. That´s such a long time to not talk to your three kids. I stuck up for you when mom talked shit. I stuck up for you when you no one else would. I stuck up for you when I knew you were wrong. You chose the life you are living. How´s prison I hope the people are nice. I hope you don´t regret the choices you have made. I was going to tell you everything that has happened since you left but then i remembered you don´t deserve to know about everything that has happen in my life. You would know if you would have stayed in my life and gave a shit about me. I needed you and you weren’t there. You were nowhere to be seen. This isn´t supposed to make you feel like shit but if it does then oh well. This is for you to realize what you did. I´m so lucky I had a mom to pick up the pieces that you left.



I´m not done writing in this…. 

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