I seriously have got major problems.  Well at least one really big one.  Right before the labor day weekend I got a notice from DMV saying my license has been suspended because I got dropped from class.  So not only did I have that looming over my had all weekend where I couldn’t even enjoy myself, I don’t know what I’m going to do now.   I had to finally tell my parents and they weren’t too happy of course.  So I finally re-enrolled in my classes and then I called DMV hoping I could at least get a restricted license like before but they said I wouldn’t be able to even get that until I finished my classes and I have about 8 more months to go!  How do they expect me to get to work and class if I can’t even drive.  I can’t go 8 months without driving.  I just can’t.  It actually wouldn’t be that bad if the car wasn’t registered in my name because it’s usually registered to my parents but just this year they changed it so it’s in my name now.  I read online that police cars have this thing that just automatically run tags of your car and it pops up if you have a warrant or a suspended license or something like that…I’m still fuzzy on if they can just stop you based on that or if they have to have a good reason to (but they’re dick cops, they can always make something up).  I have heard of people driving on suspended licenses before but I’m not sure if the car was registered in their name.  I know I shouldn’t even bother risking it because I’m already in enough trouble as it is and my luck hasn’t exactly been the best this year but if I can’t drive for 8 months I might as well die.  I’m probably being dramatic but I just don’t want that to be taken away from me too.  There’s no way my parents are going to be ok with the fact that they have to escort me around for the next 8 months anyways…so either way I’m in trouble.  Ugh.  I don’t know what to do.  This thing has me so anxious and depressed…I’ve been overeating like crazy and sleeping a lot.  At least I’m finally sleeping :/  I was out of my pills too but luckily this bartender I used to hook up with has drug connections and I was able to buy some off him.  That’ll get me by until I can get my refill this Friday.   

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