He makes me so happy every time I see him.  I´m supposed to hate him tho but it´s so hard to hate someone you care so much about. His voice, just hearing it makes my heart beat faster. When we lock eyes it´s like fireworks going off. But then i see him with other girls touching them flirting with them. He thinks I don´t see but I do, I see everything. He tells me they are just friends but my guy friends don´t wrap there hands around my waste they don´t look me up and down like they want me and tell me I look good. There is a difference between being friends and friends with benefits. I don´t think i´m asking to much when I ask for you to be loyal and not to play me like i´m a game off your Xbox. I want him so much but I can´t make him want me and I cant make him be loyal he has to want to be.

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