I don’t beg

So… If you remember about the guy I met, I was waiting for him to text me.. but he didn’t. So against everything I know, I decided to text him with the excuse of being worried about him… if he had lost his flight or whatever… and kinda tell him that I actually like him… he text me back, and we sort of had a little chat… lol everytime he send me a text I’d wait about 20 mins to open the msg and text him back… LOL just so he wouldn’t think I’m THAT interested in him… then like a pathetic person I said: “So… I kinds wanted to see you before you left… but I knew you probably couldn’t cause you were already late and drunk… still I wanted to say goodbye to you, before you start ghosting me..” then he answered me in the same polite way I use to reject someone… he just laughed and say sometime like dummy… LOL.. (he didn’t say something like: “oh really? I wish i could but i was already late or whatever” he just said I was way too drunk I couldn’t even finished packing and tried to change things by saying “You are the one that are gonna be ghosting me, I know, I can see it happening” and then I was like ok, that was sort of a rejection, and believe me I can take a hint… but still I said: of course I wouldn’t do that to you, I only do that to people who are shallow and don’t have any qualities. ( I regret saying that the moment I presst send, but still did it, I knew it was sort a “light way to make him known that I’m into him” I wasn’t going to say hey you know what i really like you, and i can wait until you come back so we can have a second date… that’s lame and pathetic, I hated  looking like that. So he read that… waited and then said: “aww” (I interpreted that as “oh… i like what you r saying but not sure if I like you in the same way)… the he continued texting asking me about how was my day going… so I told him what I did during the day.. and he said something about being really busy with work… a few jokes.. and that was it. /: I’m not the kind of guy that makes the first move or that keeps asking someone to go out, I don’t like that, I don’t beg, cause I hate people that do that, and I find that very unattractive. And everytime I make the first move, things doesn’t work out… so I decided that I’m not gonna text him, until he text me first,, (if he does), or maybe when he return here, maybe I’ll say something otherwise I don’t think so, 🙁 I’m kinda sad that this didn’t work out, but I have to stay strong. Because I don’t beg.






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  1. Well we are both in the same situation ,just different people . i keep the old faith strong ,even though the odds are not in my favor . However she doesn’t seem to want to talk at all some times . *bro fist*

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