Raising children is hard

I’m so tired of it all. So is my husband and he is my back bone. He’s the one that keeps me from falling. I don’t know how to do any of this.

My daughter’s ODD is out of control! She doesn’t listen. None.

Now I’m getting calls from my son’s school? He’s in middle school. THIS IS HARD. 3 calls in one day??? REALLY??? Now I have to have a meeting with all his teachers on Friday.
She mentioned “making sure things are okay at home” Yeah.. okay.

My daughter stresses us all out with her conditions and we deal with CPS way more than we should because some don’t understand it or don’t know and just assume.

My son has ADHD and anxiety. They also put ODD on there which I don’t believe. This is exhausting and I’m scared they will want him on meds too now.

I took his phone. Told him to start doing your work and keep seated. He doesn’t do that here.

What happen to my life????

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  1. people underestimate meds, you’re talking and it sounds like my life, it’s hard, it really is. I have 2 in the same house with the same condition, and it feels like you’ve failed somehow, but I will tell you this, to think that you’re able to write about it and take it out of your chest in a journal, shows you do have control, I’ve gotten to a point onetime, where all I could do is cry in a corner… and they are in meds. ( which by the way doesn’t always work). my children even have gone to phsychiatrist, just to see if they can control their behavior… a rush out of the store, leaving kids with my husband, i take advantage of… just to breathe…it’s a big roller coaster ride, so patience goes a long way… good luck …

  2. Sorry guys! I guess I should add I’m not against meds at all. My daughter is on them. (So am I for multiple reasons)
    However their dad’s side is against it. Thinks I can’t control them without drugging them and their way of “controlling” them is to give them what they want and put them in front of a screen.
    My daughter has been on meds for years now and they still throw a big fit over it. Even after all that happen with my daughter and I told them they can’t just NOT give meds now. She still hasn’t gone over there.

    It would be a fight with them if they do. One I just can’t handle with everything going on.

    I’m clinically depressed and medicated for that and my anxiety. When they did prescribe my son something he refused to take it and things got better from there.

    When I took his phone I got a text the next day from the teacher saying he was on task and listening. I just think he’s bored and could care less about school.

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