He awoke to the most uncomfortable sound.  The alarm.  He has always said people should simply wake up naturally.  This alarm business is suspect.

Redbull.  This is what he will purchase at Joe’s.  Two, to be precise.  He will pound one pre-train and one pre office.

BOF.  Tom Ford.  Barf.

Oh gawd.  So many emails.  Again.  Every day, really?

NY Times.  Gardens in the Hamptons.

Lunch.  Where to eat?  Too lazy to think about it.  Pret.

Salad is really gnar.  The dressing freaks him out.  He also can’t be trusted, can’t get through a meal without a spill.  And he’s wearing Lanvin.

NY Times.  LA fires.  Biggest in history.  Deportation of children.  Hurricane Irma.  Is the world ending?  It’s very cold and dark out the window. . .

Balenciaga bumster jeans.  Black. 

Almost 6.  Byeeee.

Train.  Yikes.  So many people.  Drama.  Just listen to music.  Something calm.

He loves that garden chair.  Palm beach 60’s floral.  Interesting.  Take a photo.

Home.  His kids are running around, wild.  ‘I want, I need, gimme, gimme. . .’ Whiskey? 

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