09/07/2017: Eagle Creek Fire

Dear journal, 

Today marks 3 days… 3 days that the beautiful state I live in has burned. Each tree, bush, flower, and animal suffer. They suffer the pain of losing their homes which they have known their whole lives. It’s all done. The soft green and wet soil, the gravel, the trees that provided shade from the sun. The holes they have dug for themselves so they could go to sleep when they got home. 31,000 acres just gone… I have lived in Oregon my whole life. Born and raised in the Portland area, but I have never seen something so horrific happen. This is something that I hope my children never have to see. All of this happened because one kid decided he wanted to “impress” his friends. He lit off a couple of firecrackers.. That’s all he did and now he has to face the consequences. 

Something that bugs me is that everyone wants this ONE child and his family to pay the millions of dollars it will take to fix the damage and reconstruct the trails. I will tell you right now that that family doesn’t have that kind of money. I don’t say it to be rude or inconsiderate or assume that the family doesn’t have that kind of money, but I doubt they are going to have that kind of money laying around. BUT he shouldn’t have done what he had done because I am sure he wasn’t expecting 1. to get caught and 2. to have to pay the consequences. 

I just hope for his sake that he gets rid of those friends of his. They are not good influences or good people to have to rely on. THAT’S FOR SURE!


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