Another Day Another Drama, Drama

This week has been really weird. I’m not sleeping well because I’m in the process of stopping my Lexipro, which has me going through Discontinuation Symptoms so I constantly feel like my heart is about to come out of my chest and I feel like I’m being lightly electrocuted all the time, but it’s been about 9 days now and it’s starting to get better, DR said it should last 2-3 weeks so hopefully I’ll be done soon. It’s also had my stomach in knots and I’ve been having CRAZY dreams. Sometimes I really want to just start taking it again to make the symptoms start, but I want to get off of it because I no longer need, so what’s the point in prolonging the symptoms until later when I can’t afford to keep taking it?

On top of that, this week has been pack to the brim with drama at work. Co-workers against co-workers against management against the state. It’s all too much. I’d leave like several people are threatening to do, but I need the money, I need to reference for my future, and I know this isn’t long term since I’m moving in the spring to another state for grad-school. 

Just trying to take one day at a time!

On the up, it feels AMAZING out side! Finally feel likes fall is beginning! And I’m going to treat myself this weekend to seeing IT, I love going to the movies with others and especially by myself. It’s very solid me-time. 

It’s a weird week, but still a good night and a good life. 

And one month from today I’ll be on vacation so who cares anyway!


Good night friends,


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