Day 14

I’m fucked up by the SM professor. We were playing the game – 100% certainty and 100% easy. However, as always, I was stating on gaining the few things – so was the whole team of three girls. Therefore, we gained nothing since we payed attantion neither to what WE wanted (but oppositely payed it to what other wanted and predicting some shit) nor focused on one item. THE CLEAR GOALS ARE IMPORTANT. You have to understand what you want and go there with the paision.

Being shaked, unable to choose, unsure in the chose made – and loosing – that what I was doing for the whole of my life, expesially in my personal life. And I have to be done with it. I have to gain the courage. And go forward.

Thank you for the great life lesson, professor. Now I know what was all that about…

What you good to do, what you want to do, to take action!

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