Maybe In Another Lifetime, In Another Universe, In Another World

falling in love with you was both the easiest and the hardest thing I have ever done. you colored the world in neon lights. you were an escape from all the chaos, a shelter from the unforgiving storm, a hearth that warmed my heart. the mere thought of you enough to get me through all the bullshit.

but, I think a piece of me always knew you would never love me the way I love you. I don’t want to believe that I am not really enough. you found your happiness and I am still trying to find mine; forcing myself to continue on without you is an uphill battle; there is nothing and no one waiting for me at the top. it is a marathon with no one at the finish line.

ultimately, my greatest fear being that a day will come where I am looking into someone else’s eyes only hoping for you to be there. because the truth is still even today I look at you and see the next fifty years of my life- years that I now may never know, despite my confidence in you as my future.

maybe in another lifetime, in another universe, in another world.

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