PMS, or so I think.

This morning I have to go to the DMV, doesn’t help my anxiety that I’ve had cramps and really don’t feel like doing crap. But life can’t stop for me when I need it to, so I still am going just to get it over with.Yesterday I did twice the load of work so I wouldn’t have to do anything this morning when I woke up and so I could take a nice hot shower.I know the DMV will take forever, part of the reason why my stomach is killing me.The nervousness just buildups completely. I guess it’s anxiousness.

PMS just makes me not really want to go anywhere. I think it’s also partly because going somewhere would interrupt schooling and my schedule and THAT stresses the crap out of me.Plus, yesterday or the last two days I’ve been incredibly moody. Probably also partly because I’ve had insomnia since tuesdayish, so no sleep for me and more moody.I just want a stress free day to be honest.

NOT TO MENTION the dumb mailman(he’s actually a nice guy) delivered all my packages yesterday, but I was worried for a few days since according to the tracking on several packages, there was something blocking the mail so they never got delivered but the other packages got delivered on the same day. So maybe a mail mix up or maybe they got left behind. I was so worried about what the hell to do, if I should just wait and see if it would be delivered a few days later or put in a form for re-delivery.

Not to mention painful cramps, I don’t even think it’s from nervousness anymore, I think their actual pains, but I’m not sure. :/

So much for having endometriosis, literally makes me sound like I’m ready to push out a freakin baby.Actually that’s what most think, those who have seen those type of episodes of cramps.  

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