tired of life

I am tired of life, not being dramatic but just “done” with my life. I really don’t want to live anymore. 

i am so sick and tired of living this fucking life, I am just a waste of space and time in this idiotic world. I am an introvert and i hate the all people who are hypocrites that live only their lives in such a way (self image, dressing, hairstyle, money and materials appearance) so that they can accepted and liked by other people.

Honestly, that’s how i see how life works. Everything that you do in life has to be accepted by others or you should do what the others are doing… YOU LIVE YOUR WHOLE LIFE FOR OTHERS AND NOT FOR YOURSELF.
I have no patience with people anymore, i don’t want to speak to no one and waste my time with idiots. I want no-one to know me anymore.
So to end this, let me just say that i hate being a part of the world and i have to admit that this life is not for anyone…some of you will NEVER understand this because you are a part of this whole system where you got lucky once you were born and became someone with the minimum requirements that this ”majority of the people” has place (good appearance,fancy or interesting life, social). So the rest of us are leftovers who are forced to live a stressful and depressive lives with no ambitions and no love and wandering all day where this life is leading me to…or IS IT WORTH LIVING THIS SHIT?



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  1. Sorry for bothering you, but let me just ask you two questions: 1)how old are you? 2)what country do you live in?
    you may not answer, i’ll try and guess. 1) you are young (under 25) 2) you live in a Western country (usa, uk or au).
    i didn’t check your profile, just know. you don’t appreciate life because you dont know the value of it. because 1) you’re young and foolish and 2) you live on the cushion in a well-being country with a lot of money and the sun shining all year round. you westerners just have no idea what HARD life is like. when you never know what is gonna happen to you tomorrow, experience poverty and long severe winters, and a lot of other tough stuff. only those who has gone through REAL difficulties will never think of suicide, because they know how important it is to just survive. if you’ve got sick and tired of that stupid, overstuffed american life, just come to russia. i am sure they’ll straighten you out here.

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