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[1:25 pm]

I finally fell asleep it was around 5:30 so it’s really surprising that I’m already up right now as it’s only 1:30 and I’ve been up for like an hour. I played on my farming game for a lil while and decided I should probably get started with the writing. I’m still in bed and using the tablet to do my writing as I’m lazy and not quite ready to go downstairs as I will see all the stuff I need to put away. Anyways, let’s get started.



I woke up at noon and was going to brunch before leaving for the campground. As we were going out the door I remembered that my friend had said she didn’t have a toaster and I had my old one in a closet as I had put it away to donate later on and never did. I decided I was going to bring her the toaster. As I turned around for some damn reason I knocked my toes on the fridge, which is sorta in the wall so I have no idea how I manage it, and it hurts as hell. Good way to start our vacation. I had a hard time walking cause it hurt so much and I was scared to have broken something. Hub said that if I could move my toes it meant they weren’t broken. Still!

We picked up my friend and I asked her if she wanted to go to the Prayer Garden before but she said no so we just went to brunch. I played $20 of mom’s free money in a machine and took out $20 as my friend needed $15 to pay her car insurance. I then changed machine and played the remaining $10 and took out $100. So with the free $30 I made $120. Not bad! My friend of course didn’t make anything with her $10 and I had given my $5 to hub and he didn’t make anything either. My friend was like “I hope your toes become purple for that”. That was very mean considering I was giving her $20 and my old toaster. But poor her, she never ever wins anything. I feel so bad.

After the Casino we packed up the car and ran into the neighbor as we were about to leave. We told him we were going away for a few days and that someone would be coming over to feed our kids. He said he would keep an eye on our house but that he might be gone when we get back. He’s more than likely the one who’s gonna move out as his wife got a lawyer which is making her fight for the house. I’m very sad! I really don’t want him to move but nothing I can do.

So anyways, we got to camp and we went for a darn hike. We’ve been camping there for a few years and never once went for a hike and this year hub decides to go when my freaking toe was in so much pain. He really wanted to go fishing so he wanted to check the river out. Gosh what a hike. There was this huge hill before hitting the woods and I wasn’t too sure if I was going to survive in the end. It was really nice in the woods though. Hub grabbed me a piece of wood so I could make a can with it cause I was having a hard time. There wasn’t any real good spot to fish though as there wasn’t any place where I could of put my chair, sit and read. We still walked and looked at nature for like an hour. I can’t believe we’ve been going there for all this time and never went in the woods. It was so beautiful and made me miss my hometown so bad. I used to be in the woods all the time when I was a kid.

When we got back from the hike we set up the picnic table to play some games. We played for a few hours and then hub started cooking our food on the fire. We had some delicious corn on the fire which I love the taste so much. We wanted to cook some baked potato on the fire as well but that didn’t turn out so great. The potato wouldn’t want to cook so we finally just threw them out and made some hot dogs. We sat at the fire for a lil while and then made our way in the tree house. Hub went to sleep and I read for like an hour. I normally go read outside on the deck as it’s colder than in the tree house but this time I just decided to read in bed.

Oh yea, I had my socks on cause I had put my sneakers for the hike and I was so scared to take my socks off and look at my toes. I finally did it cause I can’t sleep with socks on and it was all purple. I took a picture of it and sent it to my friend saying “fuck you” as she was the one who said she’d hope that my toe turned purple which it surely did. At least it wasn’t hurting as much which was good as it meant it wasn’t broken, just ugly.



Hub woke up around 12:30 and went to have breakfast. I stayed in bed for like an extra half hour. My toe didn’t hurt as much but it was still super purple, it looks so bad. I ate then we left for town as hub wanted to get a fishing licence. We cheated and ate at BK while we were in town. My friend called as she couldn’t get in the house. For some reason we locked the bottom knob so even if she was putting her code on the pin pad she still needed a key for the bottom one. I had to tell her where we hide our front door key so she could get in and feed our kids.

Around 4 o’clock hub went fishing and I sat there and read my book. He finally decided to go to a spot by the highway as I could sit there. We stayed like an hour and a half and hub didn’t catch anything. There was two kids there and they caught one. 

We then went back to the campground and played some more games. We weren’t that hungry so we just ate junk food. We were still playing when it was dark as we had lamps but we basically could only see the table. We could hear a sound so hub took a lamp turned and looked by the wood and there was a raccoon just outside the wood, very close to us. So cute! Hub tossed him a peanut which he ate. All we could hear was the raccoon crunching on the peanut. When he was done, he left. 

Once we were done playing games we made a fire just to sit there and relax. I had some popcorn on the fire. Hub kept farting and omg did he ever stank. It was so bad. I’m glad he stopped when we got in the tree house or I would of died. There was also these people in the tree house next door with a baby that kept crying. That baby cried for like 2 hrs when we were outside at the fire. I was getting pissed off. Who brings a baby of like not even a month old to a campground?! We go camping when school starts so we don’t have kids around. Blah! I just really don’t understand why you’d go camping with a tiny baby. 

Anyways, hub went to sleep around 11 again and I read for like an hour before sleeping. During the night we had a bad thunderstorms. I normally loves thunderstorms but being in a tree I was almost scared. 



We woke up at 10:30 to switch tree house as the one we had was booked and we had to take another one for our last night. I wasn’t too sure if I liked the one we were now in.

Hub went fishing for like an hour and I sat there and read my book. He didn’t catch anything but another guy that was also fishing did catch one. Poor hub! Then we met mom in town and went out to eat. We brought so much food we us but we ate so little over there so we came back home with most of it.

When we got back to the campground hub was tired so he went for a nap while I went to the washroom cabin and plugged my cell in as it was dying and I wanted to call my friend to see if the PC was delivered as it was supposed to arrive on Wed. She said she stayed home from noon to three and no one came. I made hub look online to see what the status was on the delivery and it said they had attempted to deliver it at 4:30 and it was ready for pickup at the UPS place. So I called back my friend to let her know she didn’t have to go back to our place later on as she had said she would go for a drive at the house to make sure they hadn’t left the PC outside as the other company had done so and it was pissing rain. I’m glad they didn’t leave it outside. I’m still shocked at how the other company had just left the PC there on the steps so anyone passing by could of just stolen it or it could of rained on it. Unbelievable! 

Since I had woken hub up he wanted to go try his luck at fishing again so we made our way to the river but once we got there it started raining so we just turned around and went back to the campground. Out picnic table was under the tree house so even if it was raining we could still sit outside and play games so we played for a few hours and went to bed super early.

The night was horrible as the bed was just awfully hard and not comfortable. In the tree house where we normally sleep it’s an actual bed so I never have problem but this one was just a tiny mattress on wood. The bed was so high we had trouble getting in and out and like I said, horrible.



Me and hub got up at 7 am to go to the washroom and once I got back to the tree house I just sat on the picnic table. I told hub all I wanted to do was sleep more but I didn’t wanted to get back in the terrible bed. It was still raining so really there wasn’t anything we could of done more as the check out time is 11 am and it was raining too much for hub to go fishing before leaving. We sat there for a lil while and decided what the heck, we packed up and left at like 8 am. Got home around 9:30 and I went straight up to MY BED. Everything stayed in the car, I just took the pillows with me. Then I slept until 4:30. Hub is a big baby. Of course he stayed up cause he went to get his new PC which I don’t like cause it’s noisy compared to the old one. 

When I woke up I was hungry so I called my friend to see if she wanted to come eat with us at the Casino. She was supposed to start playing dart but they had cancelled and will only start next week. So we went to the Casino and had to wait like 40 mins so hub decided to try his luck and play $20 but lost it. We saw his uncle that is trying to find me a job in correctional and he said he was still trying to find me something but there wasn’t anything at the moment. He said there would be a job in another town if I was willing to move which I’m not so I have to wait. That reminds me, I got an email from the Halfway House saying he had already hired two new staffs but he would keep my resume on file for future opportunities. I’m not too sure what the jobs were but they were only casual so kinda glad I didn’t bother more than that. Seem like it’s the only thing available in correctional though, casual. After we were done eating I tried my luck with a $20 but also lost it. Bleh! Seem like I can only make money when I play free money from the Casino so hopefully Mon I’ll be able to make the money I lost. I never used to want to play in the machines but now I do all thanks to all the time I went for the free money. They are turning you into addicts.

After the Casino I went back and forth from watching TV shows and putting some stuff away. I really can’t focus on just one thing. I had told myself I’d leave it for today but I just couldn’t leave it all there. I had to do at least a little. I also took a nice bath.

So that was our awesome camping trip. I’m so glad we went and that hub back didn’t hurt. Although in the end I was the one with a hurting toe. Pfft! But yea, I was able to relax and not worry about a darn thing. Now I can’t believe it’s already Fri and tomorrow is my last day of vacation. Time goes by too fast. I guess I should get going with the day as I need to do some laundry and put away the camping stuff.




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