[60] ~*Fri – 09/08/17*~

[4:33 am]

Omg! It’s so late and I’m not sleeping. I knew I shouldn’t of slept when we got home. I just screwed everything up by doing that. I was doing good by still going to bed at like midnight while at the campground and now.. arg! I’ll prob end up sleeping all day tomorrow which is not good as I have so much stuff to still put away. I did some back and forth with it earlier and put some away but I still have a lot to do. Why oh why?! I hope I can wake up fairly early still. Well, early.. I mean 2-3 pm so I won’t be too screwed up in my sleeping for when I go back to work Sun morning. 

Anyways, I just took my pill and hope it won’t take too long before I make it to dreamland. I also can’t believe hub isn’t sleeping yet as he’s been up since 7 am and he was always in bed before I was while we were camping. We see what the PC does to him. He just sits there and don’t see or feel the time. Blah!





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