Day 15

I feel like I do need some relaxation. So that is why I’ve been running to the lake by the airport – in hope to find an outskirts place which will be even more quite and close to the nature, then London. 1:30 running turn out to be challenging in terms of mindset, but it was still fine in terms of physical feeling. It was nice experience, but what I really loved the most was a corn field under the summer rain, the old man giving the glass of pure water 💦 with ice to me, and an experience of “give me a lift” ride.

In the evening I watch Sherlock Holmes, which is incredibly unusual behavior for me. But I do not regret it! I would never watch if I considered it as a waste of time, but I don’t since it contais come hard and fast English, all that cases and quizzes.

Inside feeling was still hard. I need to work on it. I need to get it out and work. I need to understand myself.

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