Day 3

I was in a relationship for two years. It was on and off. He cheated on me once and after that it just wasn’t the same after that. We weren’t the same. He was different after it. I forgave him but he knew I wouldn’t forget it. When he told me that he cheated, I didn’t flip out or anything I didn’t scream at him I just didn’t talk to him for a few days. I just needed time to let it seek in. I needed to just have time to think and to get my shit together. I didn’t cry, I just sat there with a blank face, I didn’t move. He told me that he was sorry but he knew what he was doing. So he wasn’t sorry that he hurt me he was sorry that he felt bad for doing it. The relationship me and him had before that all happened was gone. He fucked it up. But knowing me I tried to save the relationship but i couldn’t get over what he had done so the relationship just fell apart. I was to hurt and he didn’t really care so I just didn’t care.

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