Day 559 – Supernatural & short yet happy discussion

Thursday, September 7th 2017

Today was nice!

Started off with French. We continued reading, discussed some French rules (they always have so many exceptions uuugh). Afterwards I went to math and it’s going pretty well there for me. Gonna have to take some time to properly review everything this weekend.

At lunch I sat with my close friend and after asking her for permission, said spoilers about Supernatural to express my frustration with Dean and Sam. My other close friend eventually joined us and we talked about Halloween plans, which includes going out for sushi, buying candy and watching a movie.

I had English next and we finished reading The Dying Detective. On my way to my technology class, I saw my last year’s psychology teacher. I stopped by to say hello and since I remembered my coworker told him to say hi for her, since she had his classes, I mentioned her. He instantly remembered and he talked about how he sees her sister of often at a store she works at. I said they’re basically twins and he agreed the resemblance in their face is almost identical. He said something along the lines of still having her drawing and to tell her for him, and I said she missed her classes, which he replied that it warms his heart to hear that before both of us saying bye and walking away. He’s a great teacher. I plan to make cards thanking every teacher I enjoy before I leave the school.

At home I went on the server to find a spot for my home before eating, doing some math homework, working on my portfolio a tiny bit and going to watch my daily two Supernatural episodes.

Tomorrow I have my pictures and I don’t have anything nice to wear that much. Not a big deal, since it’s only the yearbook picture and not graduation, but I really need to go shopping for clothes.

That’s all for today.

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