You know that weird respect that people seem to have for people who read and enjoy ‘classics’? Well, I never could have it. I somehow always thought these classics were so unnecessarily long drawn and boring. I prefer fast paced books that are more narrative than descriptive. At least I prefer reading those. Classics I have learnt, (very recently) are best listened to. 

I had a rather mundane chore that I had to complete which consisted essentially of copy pasting some notes and I found I was unable to sit in a spot for longer than about a quarter of an hour writing. So I decided I might as well try listening to a book. This was something I had been wanting to try for a long time. Call me an old fashioned teen but I always scoffed at concept of audio books. They were for the millennials who could not respect and admire the beauty of a book. Boy, was I wrong! As it turned I was one of those very millennials who could not respect or admire the beauty of books if they were by Austen or Dickens.

So, I did my blind, mechanical copy paste while I listened to the book and for the first time, I actually appreciated Jane Austen’s observatory skills. Honestly, up until I just couldn’t, I used to consciously restrict myself from even attempting to appreciate her work for the reason (that I am certainly not proud of) that I had taken it into my head that Austen wrote love stories and that liking them would make me a cliched girly girl. I know– I know, that’s outrageous. But its just another thing that I’ve learnt about myself and I’m gonna make a conscious effort to stop myself from fitting stereotypes into my head.

But I was wrong here on another count too. Austen’s books, I realized, were never just romance. The social commentary in them is, quite frankly (I never thought I’d use this word to describe such a thing,) delicious. 

So, this one stupid chore ended up an eye opener for me on so many respects. The recording was about 8 hours long but I enjoyed every minute of it. I know people are going to judge me for reading Austen when most of my peer group is just discovering Agatha Christie. I have myself been one of those people who labelled such individuals as ‘pretentious’. 

I don’t know what the point of this entire entry was, but I just needed to to vent. If you actually read this thanks a lot. 🙂

Have a great day!


2 thoughts on “Eye-opener”

  1. I read it, darling, and I think it is wonderful that you appreciate Austen. I recently read Les Miserable for the first time. I did skip over some war scenes. I used to read Dickens when I was 12, and Shakespeare and other classics. It was good background for me for my own later writing. Oh, and I read Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment when I was very young, too. More recently I read Atwood and Kate Chopin; now my eyes are not as good and I stick to the Bible pretty much. Luckily I have portions of it memorized. Reading is wonderful!! Keep up the good habit!

  2. @savedbygrace Reading truly is wonderful.
    Have you tried audiobooks? True, nothing beats reading a book yourself but audiobooks are quite pleasant once one gets used to them 🙂

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