Fantasy World

with a fantasy girl

Run away in my mind

Nowhere to go

Dead ends everywhere, on spaghetti roads

Intersecting up and over, round and round

until we fall on our asses and hit the ground

what a fucking rhyme


I know very little of poetry, nothing of it’s styles. I’m terrible with grammar, but I hope people can still understand the sound I’m trying to convey with my words. I live in a fantasy world most of the time. I’m always off daydreaming. Making little scenarios in my head about how things ought to be. The lines between reality and my inner reality blur to a point where I have to physically say out loud to myself “This isn’t real. It’s a fantasy. Pinch yourself! Bring yourself back!” Usually I’m in the car about to run a red light. I’ve realized this though; I love living in my mind. I can do whatever I want without anyone telling me it’s wrong. I can imagine a beautiful rainbow shitting marshmallows and sparkles. I can imagine the lady waiting at the bus stop looking me straight in the eye while she’s slowly peeling the skin off her face with a wicked smile. The little tomato plants I’m growing? They’re tiny Caribbean-esque creatures who love life. The rosemary is an ancient being. Ginger and Garlic are flyers or creatures of the wind. I lost track. Oh, I’m in my mind too much. I feel bad for it some days. Not so much most days. I’ve been told I’m impressionable. I don’t know what to think of that yet. I’m hard to get to know even to myself. Doesn’t seem like it sometimes, but man I let out one dark secret once. Bad choice. Bad bad choice. 

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