He wondered how long it would take to remove himself from his current situation.  He felt duped into agreeing to this and the worst part, disappointed that his hopes had risen and then simply been smashed against the hot New York City sidewalk.   He could feel the rage beginning to boil and made every effort to sooth the overflow, blowing on it in hopes it would dry and crust over quickly.

It was moments like these when he saw a glimmer of his much younger, inexperienced, and unpredictable self.  It was a glint in the eye and a rumble in the chest.  In those days he burned every sort of bridge he traversed and felt untouchable and strong for doing so.  He was tempted to summon that monster from within, pulling him from the depths to seize what was rightfully his.  But, that was the easy way. 

He raised his eyes above and knew that things would change.  Today, at least, he could feel the wheels rotating ever so slightly in the right direction, like a watch winding towards the correct time after being locked in a drawl for far too long.

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  1. Jake you are an excellent writer! I hope you write stories and novels too.

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