The beach

The beach… the beach is where people go to hurt me. The guy I was with for two years went to the beach over the summer and last year ended up doing shit with a girl that was a family friend. Then the guy I am kinda talking to, over beach week fucked some girl he didnt know and I just found out like a week ago… That whole time he was at the beach he was texting me and I even asked him if anything happened and he told me that nothing had happen he was just getting drunk every night. So he lied to me and on top of that THE WHOLE TIME HE WAS FUCKING SOME GIRL I WAS HERE WORRIED ABOUT HIM. I stayed up that entire week till like 4 in the fucking morning because that is the only time he could talk. So I didn’t text him that much because he would take forever to just answer to a simple hey. I knew he was busy so I didn’t want to be annoying and text him over and over so I just ended up not texting him… Now he acts like nothing happened like what he did didn’t do anything to me. I dont really know what to do. Like do I keep talking to him, do I just stop fucking with him? I NEED HELP!!!!!!!

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  1. Time to move on, I think. That was a betrayal. He’ll just bring more hurt. Let him go and be free to find someone better, sweetheart.

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