Unrealistic Dreams

I wake up early in the morning by seeing the dream I never would see and I was doing romance with one of my classmates And We have been a Friend I guess but I don’t know If he likes me or not. I think he likes me but maybe I m just putting the thought that he like when in actuality he doesn’ t. I don’t know it is very confusing and does not make sense in my head and I know I see lots of weird dreams but this is one of a kind. Most of all I don’t even know if I like him I mean I used to like a guy in high school But whenever he tried to talk to me, I would always run away for some reason and Sometime I would see him in dream but that stopped but now I see this guy in my dream. What is meanings of all this dream, maybe I am thinking too much but I can’t just stop thinking about. It feels damn weird to even look at him now and I know he doesn’t know but still. 

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