We broke up

So Ive always been in love with this  guy, but our relationship was really weird. He almost never said to me that he liked me or something like that and I always told him that I did, and I still do.

We were not living in the same city, but I had a break from college and now we are in the same city, but insted of hi, being excited about that, he just didnt invite me to do anything, I was always the one who did it. We went to a party and we didnt stayed together, and when it was our one year aniverssary he didnt spoke to me, because in the other day he went out with his friends and I went out with mine, but I went out with my friends and their boyfriens because I thought he was coming, but he didnt. So in the day of our one year aniverssary I wrote him telling that we needed to talk. And we did, he told me lots of things that I didnt like, he told me it was a mistake going out with me instead with his friends. After our fighting we thought it would be better for now if we would be just friends. And now its what we are but im so sad because I really liked him, so muchhhhhh and it looks like he doesnt give a fuck to me and it makes me sad cause we had so many nice memories. At least we are talking now like just friends.

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  1. I can relate to that, but and I’m sure that some of your friends, have told u this. uhm.. for what you’re saying he doesn’t seem to be really into you, I get that you like him, it’s like one of those relationships where one person it’s more inlove than the other.. and that’s not good or healthy for you. Are you sure, that you want to stay and try to be “friends with him”? because to me that’s like he gets to keep you close, and available, but without the actual commitment of a relationship. I do believe that ex’s can be friends but not right away, I think it’s better to be apart for a while, so you can heal, move on, and then maybe try being friends. Good luck c:

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