61. 1 Month on T

As of yesterday…well, the 7th, I am one month back on T. I didn’t even realize it until a little earlier tonight. I don’t usually get excited about the small anniversaries. For some reason, I got really excited that it had been a month. I have noticed a few changed. My voice has changed a lot, there has been a little bit of a change in my face, and a noticeable change in my hips. It’s all small things, nothing dramatic. How ever, I feel more like my self, more connected with my self. Not so….disconnected with the person who stares back at me through the mirror. Finally.

Today in general was a rough day. I spent most of my time running around for my mother, Liz and Brandon, instead of taking care of the things I need to…for the third day in a row. I don’t really mind helping, it’s the fact that they sucker me into it. I was suppose to go and have lunch today with a friend, and never got the chance because I had to take to take Brandon to pick the boys up from school. Then I was late to work because I had to drop them off to pick up the car. After all of that was done, I got back to the house to pick up my work uniform to my mother freaking out the basement was flooding, and the dogs needed to be moved or they were going to be soaked. Just to arrive in the basement to the floor barely even damp. I’m not entirely sure what was the issue, though Greg, my mother, and that ass sore for from store really thought things were flooding. What ever strain of weed these people are smoking, I would like in on it. ha.

3 am has snuck its face right in there, now to attempt to sleep just to be up by 7 to accomplish the things I haven’t been able to this week.



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