[61] ~*Sat – 09/09/17*~

[3:30 pm]

Time is surely going by too fast. I spent way too much time in bed but hey, I like sleeping. I guess I could of gotten out of bed earlier but it’s my last day of vacation so I just decided to stay in bed as long as I could. I could of prob stayed even longer but I decided it was time to get out. I’m not too sure at what time hub went to bed so I’m not too sure around what time I should expect him to get up. Of course my back hurts as I stayed in bed too long so I can’t really do anything standing up right now.

I’ve been up for an hour and haven’t accomplish much as I was editing my entries and then did some catching up on reading what others had written. Now I guess I shall watch an episode or two of Orange Is The New Black and get going with the rest of the day, I guess by then it will almost be evening. I kinda don’t want to spend more money as we spent a lot in the past two months but it’s our last day of vacation so I kinda want to go out to eat and then go to the movie. It just sucks that I have to work at 9:30 tomorrow morning. Hub is lucky as he only starts at 4 pm. Oh well. We shall see where the day bring us.


[5:29 pm]

Hub is still sleeping and I don’t know what to do as it’s already 5:30. The movie I wanted to go see plays at 7 so it’s getting kinda late to go eat first and see the movie after. It plays again at 9:30 but that’s getting late as I have to wake up tomorrow morning. I didn’t really eat yet just in case we end up going somewhere but I did eat one hamburger that was left over from yesterday. I think that just made me more hungry. I kind of want to wake hub up so we can go but since it’s his last day of vacation I want to let him sleep as he let me sleep.

I just still feel bleh. I want to do something but then I don’t want to do anything. Maybe going back to work will be good for me as it will keep me busy. I still have a basket of clothes to put away but I can’t do that right now as hub is sleeping and I don’t want to wake him up. I also have the cooler and camping gear to put in their right place but it’s gonna take like a minute to do. I wanted to go to Costco cause I’m craving tomatoes but it closes in half an hour so I guess I won’t be going tonight. Bleh! I also want to put the old PC away as hub only put it under my desk and it’s annoying me but the closet door makes noise when you open it so again, I wouldn’t want to be making too much noises as I don’t want to wake hub up.

In a way I feel like taking a nice relaxing bath but I feel it’s too early for that. I really need to find myself a game to play so then I’d have something to do. I can’t believe I haven’t played a game in like a year and a half.

Anyways, I’m just doing some blah blah right now so I guess I shall go and watch another episode of Orange Is The New Black. I might call my friend to see what’s she’s doing.


[6:27 pm]

I ended up calling my friend and talked to her for like half an hour. I then remembered that we wanted to go on a boat tour when we go to the dentist on the 19 so I just emailed the guy to see where we needed to pay as the website doesn’t tell you. Hopefully he will respond. That also reminded me of when I was trying to contact the guy for the jail thing which never responded back. I’m still pissed at that! I just checked the website for the jail and there’s a few new posts on there so obviously people are going. Makes me mad! I want to email him or something but arg. I mean come on, I was texting him straight up to his cell not like I was emailing him. Bleh! I read people posts and it just made me want to go all over again. I wonder when mom is coming back. Maybe I could try to go next time she comes?! The prices just seems so expensive thought. I hope that if I do contact him that he will still give me a discount price like he had first said when we met him. I’m just mad cause he seemed like a really nice guy and all the reviews are saying that he’s such a good host and good with communication and all when I was in the first ones to contact him and a big nothing.

Anyways, hub is still not up so I think I will just cancel for the movie. If something we might go on Tue although it’s cheap night so it might be super busy. I’m getting really hungry so I don’t know if I should make myself something (I need to go for a grocery) or if I should just go out to get myself something.




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