Day 7, 8 & 9 – 30 Days of Motivation

I’m playing catch up on my journal again. But life is so darn great now and I love that I am busy and happy and living.  Today at the gym though, something tweaked me to want to write tonight.  One of the guys working there said exercise is bad for you, you could get hurt.

I laughed and said how true that is.  But is made me start thinking about all the injuries I’ve acquired over the years and they are all exercise related:

Right shoulder – injured during weight lifting

Ankle –  injured while trying to run

Knee – injured when doing jumping lunges

Groin – injured during yoga (yes, yoga)

I’ve also got some great scars from falls or scrapes because gym equipment seems to move right into my path on a regular basis…..and there’s rarely a day I don’t have one or several bruises on my body from some self battering I seem to get into whenever I’m active.

So I guess he was right, exercise is bad for you….in the best possible way!  Every injury has a history, every scar has a story and every bruise has a moment. 

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