Today is Saturday, September 9th 2017. As I sit here watching the marathon of Walking Dead today on AMC, the idea of an online journal popped into my head. Naturally of course when I get an idea I act pretty fast on it. For the last couple of days I had been thinking about how I wished I had journal-ed more of my experiences and moments growing up. I remember a few times I had tried to journal every night but I always ended up not sticking with it. (unfortunately pretty common for me.) I am going to be honest… I have had some pretty terrible things happen to me (not that others haven’t, probably worse than me!) and lately it has been really hard for me to deal with all of it and thinking back at my past has really been a terrible habit lately. I’ve been thinking hard the past few weeks, and today I have decided that maybe I just need to write it out … see if it helps. Even if my first big important Journal entry is at the age of 25. I try my best to stay positive and I think I need to get over that fact that its never to late to start something. I originally thought I was looking to do a private journal for my eyes only. But, to be honest when I found Goodnight Journal and saw that you could make it public for others to see it, it had really changed my mind. Maybe this is what I have been searching for. Just for someone to listen, for someone to know my thoughts and worries. Anything that I just need to get off my chest for others to not judge me, and for others who might be going through the same issues or close to the same, that could really help me. Maybe, jut maybe than I wouldn’t feel as alone or feel like there is no one out there like me. That being said, I hope I have intrigued whoever is reading my first entry. Here’s to new things !


Until next time <3

-Nic. L

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