PA Fuds

I miss Pennsylvania and all of it’s good eats
Like Marlin Markets and their many superb meats
I get Mrs. T’s here but only twelve to a box
Pennsylvania has bags of 48, to me that rocks
They do have some Tastykakes down in Kentucky
But Pennsylvania has the Tastyclairs, they’re so lucky
Kowalonek’s kielbasa simply cannot be beat
They get lines that reach out to the street
Miller’s hot bologna always makes me sweat
Not reading the ingredient label is your best bet
Then there is Giorgio’s, where we originated the mayo roll
Can’t get a decent sub here, it’s like living in a hole
Friendly’s restaurants, so much that I miss from there
Damn Kentucky food sucks, this just isn’t fair
That’s some of the food but let’s not forget the drinks
They’re almost as important, at least this girl thinks
Turkey Hill iced tea I can find once in a while
Hunting for the kind I like is wrestling a crocodile
The drinks I miss the most come from the Guers Dairy
Chocolate milks are not the same, it’s quite contrary
Guers has the tastiest, on that I will not bend
Kentucky’s don’t come close and I cannot pretend
Orange Drink, such a simple yet delicious thing
It makes my taste buds stand up and sing
But Guers iced tea is the absolute fucking best
If I had that right now, I’d feel truly blessed
It has been said Guers iced tea causes kidney stones
We don’t stop drinking though cos it’s in our bones
These are the wonderful culinary classics in the Skook
I miss it so much, I’d eat Pennsylvania food until I puke

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