Racist much?

I have a friend i met through an app called “whisper”, basiclly people sharing confessions and secrets and making friends. And well I have been talking to him on whisper for a while, pretty cool guy. 

Since he only lives a 15min bus ride away from here, we decided.. Hey, lets just meet! We didn’t make a big deal out of it. Just met. When we met he turned out to be alot taller than i expected, but then again he is average height.. I’m just very very short. 

I am generally a very awkward person, we all know that. But hanging out with him wasn’t that bad. We first went to my school because I had to deliever some stuff. Then we went and sat alittle in the city and talked. Also got to check out my crush (we checked out guys together lmao). 

After that we went to Burger king and sat there for hours talking. It was fun, he is as socially awkward as me so we understood eachother and had the similar kind of dead humor. It was fun and he was easy to talk to. 

But heres where things get a bit stupid, he posted a picture of me on his snapchat story and well it wasnt THAT big of a deal. But some people started commenting on it saying a bunch of racist stuff like “Doesnt she know human rights?” thinking I’m chinese, then they started commenting on my height, small eyes and every other stupid stereotypical racist stuff. I didn’t get offended by it. I don’t know these people and they obviously just have a very closed mindset. They mofos even called me a “Thai Bitch”. 

Other than his bad friends he is a pretty cool guy. Looking forward to hanging out with him more often, seems I have made myself a new friend!!

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