[62] ~*Sun – 09/10/17*~

[8:40 pm]

I am so tired and it’s not even 9 o’clock yet. I could sleep! I guess my first day back to work was a little more exhausting than I thought. It wasn’t too bad, the day went fairly quick. Only thing, of course I had to go through the new supervisor’s paperwork of last night and basically redo it all cause his numbers weren’t working out. I just love how it seems like I always need to pick up after the new people. I also love how the manager put me in for tomorrow’s closing without asking me. Bleh! I did leave her a note saying that I couldn’t do it next Mon. I didn’t tell her why but I have my hair appointment. If I tell her what it is, she will prob just tell me to change it. Heck no! I made that appointment like three months ago and it’s my hairdresser last week before she gives birth so what ever with the store. My hair needs to be done and that’s the end to it.

Anyways, I don’t have much to say beside that I feel really tired right now. I’m watching Orange Is The New Black but I think I will take a break and go relax in the tub. My feet aren’t really hurting but I’m sure they could use a nice bath. Haha! I’m just scared to fall asleep in the tub.

So yea, hub is also back to work and it sucks cause he just found out he’s stuck with his current shift until the end of Dec. He thought he would have a shift bid soon and could go day time so our time would work better but guess not. Oh well. What’s another three months, right?! Bleh!

Hub also told me that he talked to one of our friend today and apparently he got back with his ex. I’m happy for them but we all knew it was going to happen. When they broke up, she moved back to her hometown but she was still coming here every so weekend to see him so really they weren’t together but they were still acting like a couple living a distance relationship. I don’t even know why they broke up in the first place. Oh well! Hub said that now we had some people to play games. Haha! We used to play games with them but after they broke up we kinda stopped as we were only three and not four anymore. I wonder if we’re gonna start again, it would be nice. I was just thinking about games, it’s sad, me and hub sorta never play games anymore. The only time we do is when we go camping, then we play board games. We could do it at home when we’re off but of course, we don’t. It’s really sad how we need to go away to do stuff. I think we need to work on that and start spending a bit more time doing things together on our day off. It’s just so hard because of our sleeping pattern, this is why I really wanted him to have a 9-5 shift. I guess I need to wait.

I also really want to go to that Escape Room that we’ve been talking about for like almost 2 yrs now. I have another friend that would love to come as well with her boyfriend. We always say we’re gonna go but we never went. Now that those other friends are back together maybe we could all go. That sounds like a nice idea. I need to talk to all those people and try to find a date to finally go. We had asked another couple if they wanted to come with us, they had said yes but they never got back to us when we had came up with a date so bleh. I might ask them again, never know. The more the better as I’m gonna be so useless on that thing.

Alright, time for that bath of mine.




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