Day 16

There are lots of things I’m thankful for today. the jog was incredibly good. I enjoyed it so much! And then, sitting in the StarBucks I’ve been drinking my coffee and eating a nice slice of apple cake when out of nowhere the conversation 💭¬†started. It appeared to be the¬†acquaintance I’ve been looking for! And it will continue. Young couple and their friend where do nice as to invite me for the dinner. And the dinner was great. Then, 2 guys and I went for a dram and base show in London Music Hall. And there, finally, after a while, I had a perfect chance to scream out all my sorrows, fears, stress, all those feelings to Vlad that I still cannot understand or get rid off. I just screamed – a lot and for a while. And that was an experience I’m thankful for.

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